08/31 2015

I took time to read everything that I could about chicks and chickens so that I could be a well educated Mama to our lil’ chicks.  I quietly wished for a “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Chickens” book, but sadly no one has written that book yet.  (I will have to talk to N about that.  That boy writes better than me.  He has already asked me if he can write some of the blog posts down the road because he loves to write.)

I felt confident in knowing what breeds of chickens would work best in our climate and for our family, I read about health concerns, how to clean coops, best type of feed to purchase during the different stages of life; but the moment that I saw our little chickens all of my knowledge flew out of my head.  They were sooooo tiny and looked incredibly fragile.  I felt the urge to keep the little chicks away from my 4 kids so that they wouldn’t get hurt, but on the same side I wanted teach my children about raising chickens.  Such conflicting thoughts were running through my mind.    I was a nervous wreck holding them in my clear Rubbermaid container on the way home.  I knew that they were nervous about what was going on, where they were going and probably wondering who this giant lady was that kept talking to them.  It must have been really scary for them.

Luckily, our chickens didn’t have a thing to worry about.  They are loved 6x over by each and everyone one of us.

Our chickens came into our lives in the middle of March 2015.  The Buff Orpington’s and Australorp’s were hatched on March 11th and the Barred Plymouth Rock’s were hatched on March 16th.

Here are some pictures of our lil’ chicks when they were just a few days old.  The Buff Oprpinton’s are the yellow ones, The Australorp’s are black with white tummies and the Barred Plymouth Rocks are black with the white dot on their heads.

20150320_195828 small 20150321_184511 small March 21, 2015-5 small

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