03/16 2016

Today our little ladies turn 1 year old!  It is hard to believe that they came into our lives almost a year ago already.  They have brought us so much joy and togetherness.  To celebrate this big moment in their lives, we made them two chicken friendly cakes.  Yes, we really did.

We used 2 Happy Hens Treat Squares and mashed potatoes to make the cake.  Instead of candles, the girls put meal worms on top (also from Happy Hens).  mmmmmm…..

The hens could barely control their excitement.  Queen of the Hive jumped up and tried to grab the plate from C even.

March 16, 2016
March 16, 2016-2 March 16, 2016-3 March 16, 2016-4 March 16, 2016-5

Aren’t they cute with their little mashed potato covered beaks?

March 16, 2016-6

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